Monday, March 19, 2012

Why We Suck - Dr. Denis Leary (Audiobook)

Why We Suck - Dr. Denis Leary (Audiobook)

Why We Suck - Dr. Denis Leary (Audiobook)

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*Why We Suck - Dr. Denis Leary (Audiobook).rar

+1.01. Penguin Audio presents.ogg

+1.04. Okay, this is the prolouge.ogg

+1.05. Danica Patrick.ogg

+1.06. Gay Marriage.ogg

+1.08. Anna Nicole Smith.ogg

+1.11. Britney Spears's Head.ogg

+1.13. Bill Clinton--Blow Jobs.ogg

+1.18. Me.ogg

+2.01. Your Kids Are Not Cute.ogg

+2.02. The Jellyfish Move.ogg

+2.03. Please Drug Your Children.ogg

+2.04. I Had Sex With Kathie Lee Gifford, and She was Amazing!.ogg

+2.05. Punishment.ogg

+2.06. And on and on it went.ogg

+2.07. I got a job in a diner.ogg

+2.08. We never went hungry.ogg

+2.09. Bullies R Us.ogg

+2.10. Within seconds Bobby.ogg

+2.11. As he drew closer.ogg

+2.12. Why the Fuck do Old People Drive So Goddamn Slow_.ogg

+3.01. Autism Shmautism.ogg

+3.02. The Truth When it Comes to Your Kids.ogg

+3.03. Advice to Men About to Enter a Stripclub.ogg

+3.04. And That was the End of That Dream.ogg

+3.06. How I Became A Published Poet.ogg

+3.07. We decided not to put to put my name on it.ogg

+3.08. Nuns, Tits, Booze and My Mom.ogg

+3.09. When I walked into the hallway.ogg

+3.10. Matt Dillon is a Giant Fag.ogg

+3.11. I think its fair to say.ogg

+3.12. Prospective Parents_ Give It Up.ogg

+4.01. Grande Vente Mocha Oprah Chai.ogg

+4.02. James Frey.ogg

+4.03. Steamroll.ogg

+4.04. Semen count_.ogg

+4.05. The Oprah Amendment.ogg

+4.06. Does This [Bomb] Make me Look Fat_.ogg

+4.07. This Is Your Brain, on Semen.ogg

+4.08. We couldn't care less.ogg

+4.09. We all know women.ogg

+4.10. The Past.ogg

+4.11. My wife screams.ogg

+4.12. Flirting and laughing in the workplace.ogg

+5.01. The Pope is a Pimp.ogg

+5.02. Number One_ Thou Shalt not Kill, Unless....ogg

+5.03. The Asshole Olympics.ogg

+5.04. I want all Americans on steroids.ogg

+5.05. Someone Tell My Mom that Cellphones Cause Cancer.ogg

+5.06. Driving home that day.ogg

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