Thursday, March 22, 2012

Robinson in Ruins

Robinson in Ruins

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Keith Uhlich(Time Out New York):The results are the one and the other enlightening and enervating.
Tim Robey(Daily Telegraph):It's moreover abstruse for its own good, and ofttimes boring.
Peter Bradshaw(Guardian [UK]):Vanessa Redgrave provides the account of a beautifully photographed, meandering film essay that fails to match the pack close of either London or Robinson In Space.
David Parkinson(Radio Times):Keiller finds dejected magic in the discarded domestic and pertaining edifices of a landscape that has a great deal of to tell us -- if only we're prepared to watch and listen.
Nigel Andrews(Financial Times):Keiller casts a read. His "psychogeographical" methods unearth secrets in all parts of Britain not merely physical but abstract, cultural, economic.
Carmen Gray(Total Film):There are moments of absolute absurdist humour, but Vanessa Redgrave's droning recital over endless shots of flowers makes it be excited like a combo of recent radio advice and a nature-themed screensaver.
David Parkinson(Empire Magazine):Keiller's follow up to his cine-essays London and Robinson In Space is not the same intelligent, thought-provoking piece of filmmaking.
Brandon Judell(CultureCatch):One ofttimes hears of actors reading the phonebook and exalting their fans in doing so. Here the superb Vanessa Redgrave achieves this relation feat, except the phone numbers are replaced ~ means of historical facts united by a travel of a make-believe character.
Ron Wilkinson(Monsters and Critics):A coalition of poem and polemic. The obituary of a society that never had it preferable.
Chris Cabin(Slant Magazine):Robinson's surpassingly name ties him to explorers like Crusoe and Walden.

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